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To keep a constant investigation, for 9 years (since 2010), on how trends form and evolve, how architecture breaks up with traditions or creates arches over time, while it tries to respond to current socio-economical needs, has been an amazing journey. I was from the start, part of the team who curated the widest exploration of contemporary architecture in East and Central Europe – from Germany and Austria to the European part of Russia and Turkey – a total of 26 countries. This gave me a deep understanding on the connections between society and the built environment. This investigation generated three thematic exhibitions: 2011– Fluencies, 2013 – Trans(ap)parencies, 2016 – Drifting Architecture and a forth exhibition is coming up this fall – HOME|any|more|?. The exhibitions are the core engine for a celebration of the best architecture in the region, once in 3 years, as a Triennale in Bucharest. For 9 years it has been an amazing journey to be part of Arhitext design Foundation in creating this amazing product that brings together half of Europe in a celebration of diversity and the finest qualities of the built environment. 

Besides curator of the main exhibition I acted as core team project manager, making the first 3 editions of this amazing Triennale happen.

The curatorial team: Arpad Zachi, Bogdan Ghiu, Andreea-Livia Ivanovici, Ionuț Butu, Mălina Conțu, Mihai Pienescu, Mihai Zachi, Dana Milea, Vladimir Vinea, Ilinca Pop. 

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